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Lead singer: JD Huggins

Drums: Landon Ullrich

Lead singer, JD Huggins was raised in the Appalachian Mountains in a small town in Georgia, which has played a heavy influence throughout his songwriting career. JD grew up in a musical household where his father was not only a musician, a songwriter and a producer but also toured for over a decade with several Grammy nominated Artists. Prior to his move to Nashville, JD spent a lot of his time in the mountains- fishing, hunting, camping, and teaching himself how to play the guitar. Because of his families heavy influence from the music industry, JD began songwriting at a very early age.

In 2015, JD, with his previous band, "Heathen Sons" released an EP, Through The Eyes of a Lion, “which gave audiences a small taste of their stellar rock and roll.” – Zac Brydges, The Revue. In October 2017, they released their self-titled album, Heathen Sons, which the Revue noted their 12-track album as, “killer guitar riffs, outstanding vocals, great harmonies and each song is a powerhouse that will get you up singing and grooving.” They also debuted their singles “Futures” and “Friends” live in Nashville’s Lightning 100-One RPM Studio(2017). In early 2018, their song "Temporary Queen" was featured on the hit ABC show "Blood & Oil". Months later their song "Georgia" was featured in commercials that aired during the Oscars and Super Bowl. In 2019, Heathen Sons released their second album, Born to Lose, recorded at Sputnik Sound with producer Mitch Dane.  Inspired by some heavy life events, including the death of Joshua's first born son, Born to Lose was deep, raw and heartfelt.  They made a name for themselves by opening for bands like Nikki Lane, Turnpike Troubadours, Will Hoge, Kentucky Headhunters, Cadillac Three, Whiskey Myers, American Aquarium, Yelawolf and many more.

In 2019, the band parted ways and JD with Heathen Son's original drummer, Landon Ullrich, started writing their upcoming album, taking a whole new direction and sound. By mid 2020, JD met Struggle Jennings who signed him under the "Angels and Outlaws" label. Since then, JD has been featured in the song "Man Like Me" on Jennings' full-length album Troubadour of Troubled Souls. JD Huggins debut album "Head Full of Monsters" was released on July 1st, 2022 and is now streaming on all major platforms!

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